I was born in 1978 and raised in Nancy in France. I have always been very interested in computers and science. I began to hack my father PSION II organiser in 1986 to make my own programs in assembler. At middle school, I coded several games in asm on my Texas Instrument calculators. I joined the Amiga scene as a 68000 coder and musician. My last demo was Today is sunday (video) presented at The Party 4 in 1994 in Denmark.

Then I went to Paris to study at Télécom Paris (known as SupTélécom, ENST, Telecom Paris Tech, ...) which is a Graduate Engineering School for Information & Communication Technologies. I founded my IT company in 2001, I am the CTO. There are about 25 employees in 2012.

I essentially decided to write this blog for future reference. To share things with people too. To save lifetime because I am often a software and hardware information resource for my entourage and a link is quicker than a speech.

Same as all geeks, I help my parents and friends to make their computer, iPad, iPhone work and iLife easier. Dad is connected and Mom calls her granddaughter via Facetime, everything's ok.