Open In Source Tree

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1. Description

Open In SourceTree is a Mac OS X droplet for Finder and PathFinder.

When viewing a repository (or a subfolder of a repository) in Finder or PathFinder, click on the icon and the repository will open in Source Tree client.

You can install and use Source Tree Git client here.

2. Install

  1. Install SourceTree
  2. Copy in you Applications folder
  3. Drag the applicationĀ from the Application folder and drop it in the Finder or PathFinder toolbar
  4. That's it !


3. How to use

  1. When viewing a folder, click on the icon SourceTree in your toolbar
  2. SourceTree will open the Repository window even if the folder is not the root folder of the repository.
  3. If the current folder or all its ancestors are not a repository, you will be alerted.

4. Licensing & Terms of use

This plugin is licensed under the GNU General Public License and is copyright 2013 potsky.